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For the 10.000m race, participation is open to everyone above 16 years of age


The categories will be Men/Women up to 39 years old,  40-49, 50-59 και 60+. The first of the race will receive a trophy and the first three of each category a medal.


The first three participants of Men/Women will be awarded. The first woman and first man will get a trophy and the first three will get a medal.


For the 1000m race everyone up to 15 years old is eligible for entry. The route will make the round of Finikounda. The categories are Primary School/High School

The first runner will get a trophy and the first three of Primary School and High School will get medals.


For the 100m all children up to 7 years of age can participate.



   be a volunteer

Competition notice

  The Cultural Association of Finikounda in collaboration with the Pylos – Nestor Municipality and sports associations, organize the Public Run FinikoundaRUN2024 on Sunday 16/06/2024.

                Our effort

The organizing of the Public run is a collective effort of institutions, volunteers, athletes and sponsors in order to propagate the athletic spirit, give joy to all and establish the area as a pole of attraction for visitors looking for alternative tourism capabilities.


During the two privius FinikoundaRun participated over 1000, young and older athletic friends. That gave us the optimist to continue our try.

          Description of Races

The races will take place on a public road. The athletes, with the blue of the sea as a backdrop, will compete in races along the awarded beaches of the area, the picturesque village and the traditional olive groves.

Distances include 10.000m , 5.500m, 1000m and 100m (junior) .

  • All the runners will receive a participation medal as well as a t-shirt.

  • There will be kiosks with water, isotonic drinks and observers along the routes.

  • Electronice timing will be used via an RFIDchip (Race Result TimingSystem)

  • The participation fee is 7 euros for the 10K and 5K, 5 euros for the 1000m and free for the junior event. Payments will be processed at the registration desk on the day of the run from 7:30 a.m to 9:00 a.m.

  • All races (except the 100m one) will start at 09:30 a.m. from the Square at the beach of Finikounda in groups per event.


  In order to better manage the Run, you are encouraged to preregister using one of the options above. Last entries (a limited number of 30-50) will take place at the starting point from  07:30 till 09:00.

          Medical services

Two doctors as  will be in charge of medical services.

Everyone who participates in the races does so assuming personal responsibility for health matters, accidents and personal safety. For underage children the responsibility lies with their parents.



The Pylos – Nestor Municipality will manage the safe conduct of the event with the participation of 30 volunteers manning the feed stations as well as the start/finish point with the help of the local police. 


  • 07.30 to 09.00: Collection of the race packet

  • 09:30: Start

  • 11:30-12:00: Awards

  • 12:15: Culmination of the event

Τρέχεις Finikounda Run και..... περνάς Μαραθώνιο Αθηνών, σε όποιο αγώνισμα θέλεις! Μεγάλο έπαθλο για τον πρώτο και την πρώτη στα 10 χιλιόμετρα. Με δωρεάν διαμονή, και παστα πάρτι με Αμερικανούς αθλητές

Μεγάλο επαθλο!!!!

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